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About 3 years ago, I started working at Novi Chiropractic Clinic, and I began receiving regular adjustments. Back then, I was in sore shape. I had been an allergy sufferer my entire life with severe allergies to anything you can imagine. I was on 3 different allergy medications while simultaneously getting allergy shots, and my allergies were still unmanageable. I missed a lot of school because my immune system was so weak, and on top of that, I would get headaches almost daily.

Month after month, I began to learn more about chiropractic and living naturally. The more I learned about it, the more it interested me and made sense. I decided to stop my allergy shots, and shortly after, stop taking my allergy medications. I didn't know how my body would react to the change, but Dr. Pat worked with me as ti adjusted. While regularly getting adjusted, I started taking multi-vitamins to help my immune system further, and I made my diet much healthier. My body made a complete turnaround. I felt so much better and had a huge increase in energy. My sinuses no longer felt clogged all the time, and te more I stuck with my new routine the better my allergies got. My headaches grew less frequent and for the first time since I was very little, I felt healthy.

I still get adjusted once a week, and as a result, I rarely get sick and my allergies are kept in check. I don't know where I would be today if i didn't know about chiropractic and the philosophy behind it. It really works and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their health and quality of life!


I found out about chiropractic care from a co-worker. We were working at UPS and did 8-9 hours of sitting. She had always seen a chiropractor for treatment and preventative care. I always suffered from sinus headaches and stiff necks. I would have times when I could not medicate myself enough to get rid of the sinus headaches and the pain from not being able to move my neck was terrible.

I cannot even remember the last time I had a sinus headache. I also keep my neck adjusted so I have not had issues with being unable to move my neck right or left. These problems interfered with my daily routine by forcing me to take time off of work and feeling miserable. I don't mean a bit miserable - I mean unable to function! The improvement was immediate! After the first adjustment (at the time I had a sinus headache), I felt much better. Going in, (on a scale of 1-10; 10 being the worst) I felt like an 8. I left that day feeling like a 4, and the next day I was fine!

I have had chiropractic care for almost 27 years! I have reduced colds, repaired injuries, eliminated headaches in my life, and eliminated menopause symptoms! Remarkably, I had adjustments through my 2 pregnancies and even on the day I went into labor. My first son was a 3 hour and 15 minute labor and my second son was a 1 hour and 18 minute labor!! We are a family of chiropractic patients. My husband and two boys have gone for regular adjustments their entire lives including post-birth adjustments for the boys. The boys are athletes and see Dr. Pat for regular care.

I recommend Dr. Pat and her fabulous office to anyone I speak to or when I hear complaints about headaches, backaches, and injuries, among others. Given what Dr. Pat and her staff have done for me and for my family, it is the least I can do!


I found out about chiropractic as a teenager, when I had unexplainable migraines, and it was suggested to me to try Chiropractic care because medical tests provided no diagnosis. I was also diagnosed with degenerative disk disease, which I now have ongoing chiropractic care for, to keep controlled. With my migraines, I would experience continuous focusing issues and constant neck pain. Through chiropractic care, I noticed improvement within 2 or 3 adjustments! Another change I have noticed is that my immune system is unbeatable! I have also recommended many friends, family, and clients to chiropractic care.


I found out about chiropractic when I went to a food party in a chiropractor's office. The "spine" pens listen symptoms I had, so i talked to the chiropractor about care. Before I started chiropractic care, I had tingling sensations in my arm and wrist, constant pain in my neck and shoulders, and once a month I would get a painful knot in between my shoulder blades. I had a limited range of motion and the knots were so painful, it was hard to sleep or do daily chores.

After I began chiropractic care, the knots and tingling were immediately alleviated. The pain in my shoulders is still there, but has lessened greatly. My need for my fast acting inhaler, used for asthma, has just about vanished! I don't need it before exercise or on rainy days anymore.

I try to get everyone I meet to go to a chiropractor, hoping they will benefit from it as greatly as I have so far and continue to every day.


I found out about chiropractic from my personal trainer. I originally came in because my lower back was in a lot of pain. Dr. Pat helped me tremendously. Before I got adjusted regularly, it was difficult to stand for long periods of time, which I have to do at work. After only 2 visits, I started to notice improvement. Now, I sleep better, and it is not painful when I drive anymore.


I have been getting adjusted since the second I was born. I was blessed to be born to parents that are both chiropractors. From the moment I was born, chiropractic saved my life. I was not breathing when I was delivered. My father gave me an atlas adjustment, and I began breathing and came "back to life." I grew up getting checked on a weekly basis and believing in my Innate potential. Because of this, I am healthier and happier than I could ever imagine.

I decided to go to chiropractic school because I wanted to pass along the miracle of life to others, much like I was given. I am so lucky to be a part of my mother's office, as I could not ask for a better teacher. Growing up watching my mom be a part of so many people's healings has truly inspired me to reach millions doing the same!


I found out about chiropractic when I was talking to a friend of mine about the headaches and neck pain I was experiencing. My initial health problems were asthma, migraines, allergies, and got colds and the flu all the time. Since I started getting adjusted I don't get colds and the flu but maybe 1 or 2 times per year, and it is short-lived. I used to have asthma attacks when I ran; now my asthma is no more. Before, when I had a migraine, the pain was so severe that I could not even work and this would happen several times a month. Now I have maybe one migraine a year and I no longer have to take any medicatios! I have also noticed an increase in my energy, overall health and a major decrease in pain!


I first found out about chiropractic from a friend of mine. My son Andrew had been having chronic ear infections and was sick every other week. Within one month of bringing him in for adjustments, his ear infections completely subsided! I have also noticed that his immune system has improved.


My wife introduced me to chiropractic care after years of being a patient herself. I suffered from persistent headaches and lower back pain. I would abuse OTC pain medication to control the headaches. But, after 2 weeks of adjustments, I no longer got headaches or had back pain (unless I didn't get an adjustment in a while.) The other changes I have noticed are that I rarely get ill and I never use OTC or prescription drugs.


I have a child that suffered from constant problems related to allergies. I was forced to miss a lot of work to stay home with a sick child. I noticed an improvement right away! Another thing that has improved is that I take less sick days off work.


I had neck, lower back, and leg pain. These pains disturbed my morning activities, and were assisted with moods and my emotional well-being. After a couple weeks of chiropractic care, I felt a greater range of motion with my neck and the aching greatly reduced. Overall, chiropractic care has helped my health greatly.


I suffered from a stiff neck and chronic back problems. This chronic pain made me unable to move my neck comfortably. After finding out about chiropractic care, I came in and got began getting adjusted. After about 2 months of adjustments, I felt overall wholly better.


I was referred by a friend who had great success with chiropractic treatment. I had numbness and stiffness in my right foot and ankle. I couldn't walk comfortably during my work day and I felt it reduced my productivity. After 2-3 months of chiropractic treatment, I have more movement in my ankle and less cramping in my foot. Also, I have noticed less tension and stress in my joints.


After I was involved in an accident, I had a sore neck and back. My mom informed me about chiropractic care. After receiving adjustments, these symptoms went away and I noticed that my overall health was much better. I recommend chiropractic care to everyone.


I brought my son in to Dr. Pat's when he was 7 years old. The initial complaint was bladder control at night. These problems improved along with the daily embarrassment and frustration. He became aware and felt signals that he had to urinate and had better timing with "potty breaks". I have also noticed he is not sick as much.


My initial complaint was lower back and hip problems. I couldn't sit, stand, or walk for long periods of time. Now, I can do all of those things and more - I even workout now! My problems have greatly subsided. It is amazing the transformation my body has made. I've been getting regular adjustments for a few years now and I feel brand new. I also have more energy now and find myself wanting to improve my lifestyle, like eating healthier and taking fewer drugs.


My family has been going to a chiropractor ever since I was a child. I required regular adjustments following a lower back injury as a teenager. When it was worst, I felt immobile and in a lot of pain limiting my activities. I feel improvement within 1 or 2 adjustments. Regular adjustments have helped my spine and greatly reduced or eliminated my pain.

My daughter was having a lot of neck pain from gymnastics at age 4. Regular adjustments and stretching exercises eliminated the pain. At age 12 she is an active athlete in soccer, etc. and continues to get adjustments for spinal maintenance

My son also has been adjusted since he was 10 days old. The twisting of his neck and spine during delivery left him out of alignment. Those early adjustments made him a content baby with no colic. As an active athlete at age 7, he continues to get maintenance care.


I have had severe neck and shoulder pain, as well as hand and wrist pain. The pain and mobility interfered with completing daily tasks. After a few visits I have had a much better range and mobility and I was able to complete tasks with more ease. I have been paying better attention to what my body is telling me.


I have been having hip pain and sinus problems that lead to problems sleeping and walking long distances. After seeing Dr. Pat, I have no more sinus infections/congestion and no more hip popping, after just 2 weeks! I also feel like I have more energy and I don't get sick as much.


I have had recurring back pain, as well as numbness and tingling in my arms and hands. I was taking pain medication daily and was sometimes missing work due to my pain. After seeing a chiropractor, I have no more problems with my arms and hands, less frequent back pain, and in general, have a greater feeling of well-being.


Before starting chiropractic care, I was suffering from long-term back issues. These issues were preventing me from being able to exercise and my work suffered as well. Once I began seeing Dr. Pat, I noticed immediate improvement. My posture has improved and my dependency on pain medication has decreased. This is the best run practice I have seen - this not only includes the treatment plan, but also the people at the front desk. I am very grateful!


My initial complaint was numbness in my arm. I was unable to exercise unless I had taken an anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen 1200mg daily) first. Within a few weeks, I noticed an improvement and was able to resume tennis and working out in the gym. I have not taken ibuprofen since beginning care at Dr. Pat's. I have also noticed that my posture has improved.


I was experiencing shoulder and neck pain and had 2 neck surgeries. I also suffered from asthma and overall body pain. I haven't used my inhaler at all this summer and my overall health has improved since I started chiropractic care. I have less neck pain and more movement and have noticed more energy and life is just better!


I started coming in to Dr. Pat's because I had constant back and leg pain. This made housework very difficult. Since starting chiropractic care, I feel much better and the pain is mostly gone. I also have more energy.


My original complaint was low back pain which made it hard to stand for long periods of time (which was required of me at work.) After 2 visits, I felt better. I have noticed I sleep better and it's no longer painful when I drive.


God bless you, Dr. Pat. I can't believe how I can now stand up so straight. I even feel taller! I can't remember the last time I felt like this, really. My neck didn't hurt but it is getting to feel like new and it doesn't grind when I turn my head now. The ache I had in my right lower back and hip is noticeably better and the ache in the dead center of my spine is pretty much gone. Thank you for what you do.


Before coming to Dr. Pat's, I had neck problems that would interfere with playing golf. After About 2-3 weeks, I noticed improvement and my back and neck pain were relieved.


Before coming to Dr. Pat's, I had constant headaches. After a couple weeks, I no longer had the headaches that previously made my life significantly harder. I also notice I don't have as much overall body pain as I used to.


My migraines would interfere with my balance, gave me severe pain, and made me very sensitive to light and sound. After seeing Dr. Pat, all those symptoms became less frequent and gave me better posture after about a month.



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